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The end of the best year of my life: Kind of a love story

We met during the summer of 2011; it was the best summer of my life. I have just finished my studies in Madrid and was about to spend six weeks in the modern city of Copenhagen before coming back home to Santo Domingo.

We did not plan it; I certainly did not. I was expecting a summer full of crazy partying and sex with blond Danish girls not hoping something specially could happen. My friend Theo told me how much fun we will have even thought he was going to be busy writing his thesis for the next six weeks.

Theo was an exchange student from Denmark who I met in Madrid. He is originally French but was studying in Denmark for the past two years. We became very good friends in my time in Madrid and he was the one who recommended me to spend the summer in the Scandinavian country. In retrospect, everything we did went according to plan: we partied a lot, damaged our livers with alcohol, met new people, had plenty of sex and he did finish his thesis.

I did not meet her until the third day after my arrival, when she arrived with her best friend from Paris. This is not a love at first sight type of story. Actually, the first time I saw her, I was more attracted to her friend. Gina was a tall blond “I am the shit” kind of girl from the suburbs of Paris who enjoyed to have men’s attention. She was studying Business and wanted to spend the summer away from the rush day to day life typical of big cities. She looked very sophisticated and fashionable,she was indeed a true “Parisienne”.

The dorm was in the town of Frederiksberg, about 6 miles off the city center. Frederiksberg was home of Copenhagen Business School, our school for the next month and a half. The town in general was commercial area that gathered many different shops and groceries stores. There was also a beautiful park which its botanic gardens welcomed visitors from all over the country.  

Frederiksberg was also our danish hometown. The house was about a 5 minutes walk or 3 minutes ride away from the university. It was a three stories house that was recently transformed into an 18 room student dormitory. Aesthetically the house wasn’t very appealing, it was made of old red bricks and wore bone white square windows. It also had a small garden in the front and a side alley that led to a backyard patio, where we would park our bikes and have bbq’s.

The next day, we organized a lunch to get a chance to meet the people with whom we would be living with. After all, we were 18 different people from six different countries squeezed into a small apartment house. It was the perfect recipe for chaos or it could be the start of a small international family.

In the first floor there was me, Vicuko, Chris, Benji, Alex and Phillip. Vicuko was the only other person from my class who also decided to spend the summer in Denmark. Back in Madrid we used to call him Koala because of his strong tendency to daringly hug random girls at night clubs.

Chris was an American kid from Arizona who attended Purdue University, he was die hard Cardinals fan and like me, loved Larry Fitzgerald. During the course of the summer we engaged in very meaningless football conversations like whether or not Kurt Warner should be inducted to the Hall of Fame or if Tim Tebow was going to be successful in the NFL.

Benji and Alex were two guys from the south of France who went to school together. Alex had an annoying English accent which made him sound even gayer than he actually was. Benji in the other hand was slow talker, and unlike Alex shied away from any kind of attention. Being from Bordeaux he loved rugby and hated football or what Americans call soccer but the one thing I will always remember about this guy was the amount of sweet pepper he ate during the summer.


I invited Theo for the lunch because after all he was going to be spending a lot of time with us during the summer, and I wanted the guys to get to know him from the beginning. It was here, where I noticed her for the first time, but I still was more attracted to her blond friend, Gina.

Gina and her were best friends and went to school together in Paris, they both decided to leave for the summer just to get away from the routine. Lisa and I started to talk; she told me that she could speak fluent Spanish because when she was 10 her father had to move to Puerto Rico for work. We talked for hours; she told me everything about her life in Puerto Rico and how much she loved “Arroz con Pollo” and going to the beach with her family during the weekends. Me in contrast didn’t spoke a word of French and have only been to Paris for a weekend with my sister and her boyfriend. Not something one could call romantic.

With her, in the other hand, I do not remember speaking a lot that day, she spoke Spanish too but not very fluently, as some of her jokes didn’t translate well.

During the next couple of days, it was mostly tranquil, there was not much going on as most of us were getting to know each other. I spent most of my time hanging out with Lisa and her; I also hang out with Phillip and Chris since they were the more pro-drinking guys in the house. We stayed at home during the first night playing drinking games, and discussing about our cultures, we also discussed our likes and dislikes, nothing very profound or socially relevant.  The reality is that everybody was looking forward to Thursday night. On Thursday, there was a party at bar in the city center and everyone had high expectations. It was the first time every one of the whole summer program was getting a chance to party together.

Next day was sunny and we decided to go the beach, obviously northern European beaches are nothing like the Caribbean ones but at least it was not dirty. Even thought it was summer, the water was freezing cold and there was no one in the sea, except some drunken Scandinavian teenagers, who apparently went in to take a piss. Trust me when I say there is no such thing as summer in Denmark.

Here at the beach was the first time I noticed her in that way, it was the first time I saw her legs,  her body was so tiny yet curvaceous, something not common among European girls. She had everything I liked in a woman, nice legs and a nice booty. She lay next to me, we started talking. She told me she lived in Spain for a year, and that she recently broke up with her boyfriend of 4 years and didn’t want to hear anytime about guys for a while. I told her that I was in the same boat but I also realized that you can’t really control when you are going to feel something for someone, and that in that sense, destiny controls us. It may sound like a line, but I actually believed in that.

The next day I had lunch with Theo, he was going to a big festival in Germany and was going to be away for 5 days. I told him about my intentions with her. He told me that I was stupid for wanting to hook up with someone who lived in the same dorm, and that I shouldn’t do it. He told me to wait until the last week of the summer to make a move on her, that way I didn’t have to see her a lot in case something happens. I listened to his advice and told him I wouldn’t do anything about her.

Thursday arrived and everyone was getting ready to party. We gathered in the first floor kitchen and started to play a drinking game named kings. Google it, it’s too complicated to explain, all I know is that somehow I ended up drinking from my cup every time. Chris however, got too drunk, he had a cigarette for the first time too, so naturally he puked and was not capable of coming with us to the Bar.

Some of the guys decided to ride their bikes to the bar; I decided to take the metro because of various reasons. First reason: Gina and she were taking the metro and second and most importantly I was too drunk to ride the bike and didn’t want to sober up.

The bar was called Kulor Bar, they had an all you can drink beer before 2 am. It was a good deal considering how expensive Copenhagen was.

At the bar, the music was too loud to talk, so everyone was dancing. I grabbed her hand and started to dance with her. We were dancing very close, her body was rubbing against mine, she also had her arms wrapped around my neck. I looked into her eyes, she was waiting to be kissed, and I waited. She leaned even closer, she was sweating, and her hair was completely wet as were her clothes. I got even harder and couldn’t resist anymore so I kissed her.

After we kissed, I left the dance floor and went on to grab a beer. I did not return to her immediately. I was looking at her from a distance; I wanted to see her reactions after we kissed. About 5 minutes went by and she started to look around for me. This was the signal I was waiting for before returning to her.

We took the subway back home, and on the way back Gina and I started to talk about what just happened. She told me I was “Cabron” for kissing her friend, at the moment, I didn’t know if it was because she wanted me to kiss her instead or because she was just protecting her friend.

When we arrived at the house, we went to my room. We continued what we had started at the bar. I got her clothes off, but she kept saying that it was a stupid idea; she mentioned that we live in the same house just like my friend Theo told me. I continued to kiss her and trying turning her on but she kept repeating the same thing. I suddenly wasn’t hard and kind of agreed with her so I stop kissing her. Somehow suddenly she changed her mind. 

I got hard after some minutes and we had sex. I remember falling asleep right after I came. We slept next to each other as the sun started to rise. It was just past 4 in the morning.

Next day I woke up, and to my surprise there’s no one next to me. She had snuck out early in the morning and went upstairs to her bedroom before anyone was up. Naturally the first thing I do is to tell my friend Vicuko from Madrid, but demanded him not to tell anyone because I didn’t want the others to know about it.

Some people were already awake and were talking about me and her kissing at the bar. I remember Marc’s conversation:

Marc: You kissed Marion yesterday at the Bar.

Me: What? What are you talking about?

Marc: Yeah you know man; you kissed her in front of everybody.

Me: No way, what are you talking about?

Marc: You don’t remember? Serious?

Me: No, I don’t remember anything.

Marc: Nice! *Raises his hand for a high five*

Obviously everyone had seen us kiss in the bar the night before, so it was pointless to try to deny it. But no one knew we had spent the night together in my room. Not even Chris whose room was just in front of mine.

Around lunch time we ran into each other in the hall, near the stairs. She was wearing a grey sports sweater that covered all of her body. We said hello and asked each other what were our plans for the day. However we didn’t mention anything about our night together or insinuate anything about it, come to think about it, it was a little awkward.

Later that night, Gina, Vicuko, She and I were having dinner in the dining table which was inside the kitchen. I do not remember what we have had exactly but it was probably pasta since that’s basically the only thing we ate that summer.

We stayed late as usual, Vicuko and I made fun of their French accent when they spoke Spanish, and the fact that most French people say “yo soy borracho” instead of “yo estoy borracho”. After a while, Vicuko and Lisa went to sleep (separately), Marion and I were left alone, and started to make out, I ask her if she wanted to come back to my bedroom again, this time she didn’t hesitate and agreed.

We were noisier this time around because we did it on my computer desk. That’s one of the perks of sleeping with a “petite”. Same thing happened again; she snuck out of my room before everyone was awake. I loved the fact that we were sneaking around; I have always like a bit of secrecy in my past relationships, but I didn’t know the reason why she didn’t wanted other people to find out. So I ask her about it.

Me: I like that we have to keep it a secret, it’s kind of exciting and I’ve have always like my shit private, but…why you don’t want other people to find out.

Marion: Me too *Looking down*

Me: You too what?

Marion:  Me too, I like to keep my relationships with privacy.

Me: Really? You had a single boyfriend for 4 years who knew your parents and slept in your bedroom. That’s not quite keeping it at secret.

Marion: *Stays quite*

Me: Tell me, its okay, I just want to know.

Marion: Ok. I’ll tell you. I don’t want people asking me question and also because If we go public then it might become real.

Me: Ok, that’s all I wanted to know.

We proceed to have sex; it was getting better each time. I remember one time in particular when we sweated like crazy, it was like doing cardio for 2 hours.

After that conversation, she began to come down to my room more often during day time just to talk; we hanged out more and started to do stuff together. We were doing boyfriend and girlfriend stuff, it was becoming real.

I remember one particular time, we walked around the 4 lakes in the city center, and it had started to rain. We didn’t have an umbrella and were very cold. I hug her to cover her up, we then ignored the rain, we stopped, and we kissed under the rain. Yes I know, so cliche but that’s how it happened.

It was the middle of the summer already, and not everything was going according to plan, we did partied a lot and met new people, however I hadn’t hooked up with a Danish girl or any other girl what so ever. And to be honest, I still wanted that.

I decided to party less with the people from the dorm and started to go out more with Theophile and his friends. We went out a couple of times but I didn’t get lucky. There was this time, when we met a girl from Spain, her name was Patricia. We met her at the Student bar near the Windmill tower, we used to go there every Wednesday because they served cheap beer, however the place was always empty.

Patricia had in my opinion a very sexy face, she was brunette, with big grey eyes, she also had very sensual lips, and I was very attracted to her. Because she was from Madrid we started to speak Spanish. She told me she had a German boyfriend who lived in the Dominican Republic, and he taught her some Dominican Slang. “Palomo” she kept calling me! I have to admit it was kind of funny she talking Dominican curse words to me.

We decided to go to another bar. On the way, I made sure of checking out her body because I couldn’t before because we were sat. I was disappointed; she like many Spaniards had the ass flat as a pancake.

When we arrived at the bar, things started to happen. Patricia seemed to be getting drunk, and started to get more comfy with me. She started to talk about her German ex boyfriend and showed her extended Dominican slang to phrases like: “Que lo que?, Dime a ve Palomo?, No me de cotorra”. Among other phrases that I can’t remember. She also started to communicate in a less verbal way, I noticed she was touching me with more frequency and being a little flirtatious. I didn’t pay it any mind and thought that I was just seeing things.

To our surprise, some people from the dorm showed up in the same bar, Marion was among them along with Benji and Lisa. I can’t say I was happy with this, but these coincidental encounters happened very frequently because Copenhagen was such as small city.

Patricia was pretty drunk by now and as consequence became more flirtatious. Now, I was pretty sure I wasn’t “seeing” things. She kept telling me to go Francis Pony a bar where she bartendered on weekends. Marion saw this, and was very vocal about it. She asked who was this girl and why was she touching me all over. She said and I quote: I’m going to kill her. I didn’t know whether or not she was serious so I ignored her comments.

Patricia asked me for the last time if I was leaving with her to the other Bar, I wanted so badly, but I just didn’t have the balls to leave with her in front of Marion. So I told my friend Vicuko to come along so it didn’t look that I was leaving alone with her. Nice no? Well, Vicuko declined, I was so mad at him for not helping me out in this one, I guess he didn’t wanted to be the third wheel.

Patricia left but she said something that had me thinking for the next 2 weeks. Right when she was about to leave she kisses me goodbye while whispering me: Tonight I leave with your little French girl, I’ll have you for myself some other day.

At that moment, I was about to say fuck it and leave with her, but I didn’t have the balls. I now regret but I guess I’m not a jerk. Things cool off with Patricia and we didn’t meet for a couple of weeks because she was “busy” studying for some test.

The summer was coming to an end, classes were almost finished and I had tests in the upcoming weeks. I wasn’t really concerned about the tests as I already graduated, but I did want to pass my Danish language test. I wasn’t very confident so I asked Maria and Nathalie for help.

Maria and Nathalie were two Danish girls I met during my time in Madrid. Maria was astonishingly beautiful, she looked like a model. She was also well spoken and very sophisticated almost to the point of being boring. Actually I thought she was a bit boring. Nathalie in the other hand was a pretty fun girl, always with a smile in her face. She had a good sense of humor and one could have a nice time just talking to her.

We met up for some drinks at bar in the city center. They being Danish were the first to arrive; I being Dominican was the last. Theo in the other hand arrived before me but had lost his keys in the way to the bar so he decided to ride the same way back in hopes of finding the keys. He did not.

I was a bit nervous about speaking in Danish with them, so I had a couple of beers before actually starting to speak in Danish. To my surprise they said I had a very good Danish accent, I think they were just being nice. They taught me some local phrases that enriched my vocabulary but most importantly they taught how to order a beer and how to ask a girl for her number.

It was getting late and Maria had to leave so we decided to part ways. I was pretty drunk by then. I wanted to stay in the city center but Theo had to work on his thesis so I decided to go back to the house and meet up my roommates.

There’s something special about drunk bike riding beneath the Copenhagen’s night sky. The mix of tasty beer and light breeze in your face makes you think about life. During that ride I thought about all of my experiences in the last year, I was very grateful but I was sad it was all coming to an end.

I arrived at the house and went immediately to Gina’s room in the third floor. I lay next to her in the bed. I recall telling her that I might have made a mistake in hooking up with Marion. It was as I was trying to tell her that it should had been her instead. I changed the subject knowing that it wasn’t a good idea to discuss those topics with her. After all Marion was her best friend.

Some of the guys came up to the room and proposed for us to go to a club. I was already drunk so obviously I agreed immediately. Gina started to get dressed so I had to leave the room, when I walked out, I saw that Marion was already dressed and was putting on some make up in front of the bathroom mirror. She looked beautiful that night with a small black skirt and china red lipstick. I stood behind her, looking at her face through the reflexion in the mirror. She seemed annoyed, like I haven’t seen her before. I try to kiss her neck but she shrunk her shoulders and pushed me away. At first I thought she might be angry because I was drunk and the smell of cheap beer didn’t please her. I asked her why she was angry at me. She denied being angry at me but the vein in the middle of her forehead showed otherwise. I didn’t insist and went down to the back patio to get my bike.

She came right behind me, furious. I again ask her what her problem was. She was furious and started to cry. I asked her to tell me what was going on? But all she kept saying was “I’m so stupid, I’m so stupid”. She finally told me that she was angry because some of our roommates came up to her and told her that I was drunkenly cuddling with Gina. She then said that I only see her as a piece of meat, and that I was a “Cabron”. This was the moment I realized this girl was serious about me.

She told me she was pissed at herself for having feelings for me, which was stupid because it had been just 4 weeks since we met and that I lived across the other side of the world. She said it was shitty that the summer was about to end and everything was coming to a close. I made her promise to not think about the end for the next week and to just enjoy the time we have left as much as we could.

She and Gina took the subway downtown but I decided to ride. Honestly I remember not wanting to be with Marion in that moment, I just wanted to go clubbing and hit on some random girls.

Once in the city center some of us guys were having trouble finding the club, so I asked some girls for directions. One of the girls was fit and pretty wasted, I can’t recall exactly how the conversation went about, but I remember hitting on the girl as soon as we started to talk. I went super aggressive at this girl and ended up making out with her in the middle of the street. Unluckily for me, her friend stop us and took her away, and to make matter worst one of the guys from the dorm had seen me making out with this girl. It was Phillip who saw me, so I asked him not to tell anyone. We finally found the club but the night went normal and nothing out of the ordinary really happened. It was just one less night until the end.

As much as we were spending time together, I had to spend time with Theo too, so we decided to meet up some of his friends. The night went pretty great, but things turned interesting when Patricia showed up to meet Theo. Patricia had been avoiding me for the past few weeks but finally decided to show up.

I don’t remember much of the night until we made out inside an Irish pub around six in the morning, I remember it was already daylight and we were wasted to death. She was a great kisser; her lips were very “carnosos”. Actually she is the second best kisser I’ve ever had. Behind an half British half Portuguese girl I made out in Madrid.

We decided to leave. On the way to the subways station I made a rookie mistake which turned out to be a game killer. I offered pizza.

You don’t ever offer food to a drunk girl you are about to sleep with. She could sober up and change her mind and you could sober up and change your mind too. Patricia did sober up, but that wasn’t the problem. When we left the pizza place, Patricia ran into an old friend who was just passing by. She said Hi to him, but he didn’t pay her any mind. Well it turned out Patricia had a relationship with him for some time and apparently he was a jerk to her. She got pretty emotional when she saw the dude and wanted to yell at him in the middle of the street, I said I didn’t mind but she would look ridiculous and crazy and in my opinion it wasn’t worth it. She listened to me, but after that she was pretty bump down. It was over. She didn’t want to go home with me; maybe she used it as an excuse. But in all honesty, I think seeing that guy really affected her. After that I didn’t hear much from her, neither had I tried to contact her.

It was the last night, we didn’t feel like going out, and decided to stay in my room and watch a movie. She mentioned she had not seen “The notebook” and wanted to see it. I told them it was a very sad movie, and maybe it wasn’t a good idea for us to watch it. She said that she didn’t care so we watched anyways. As you would expect, we ended up crying our hearts out. I recall feeling very connected with her, like if I was falling for her. Yet I felt that I will never see her again. She told me she will visit me, and we promised we will stay in touch until we see eachother again.  

Next day she was leaving to Paris, we were crying so hard. I didn’t want to go the Airport because I knew it was going to be harder so we said goodbye in the dorm. It was awfully painful; her face was completely red from all the crying. I was drowning in my own tears; I didn’t want to let her go. I was pretty sure I will not see her again; I was certain this story ended there.

It was the longest goodbye in the history but after 30 minutes of constant crying, I told her she had to leave or she would miss her plane. She let go. I still remember the last touch of her small fingers, slipping out of my palm. It felt as I was letting her fall down into a cliff a thousand feet deep, I was definitely in love with her.

The end had arrived; I remember staring at my empty room, reminiscing about those moments we had shared there. I smiled for once.

Even thought I was staying another week in Denmark, I had to leave the dorm the same day so I moved to Theo’s place for a few days. We didn’t do much in those days, He was working on his thesis, I was text messaging Marion and felt too depressed to go out or party. It rained a lot during those last days; it rained a lot during that summer. Denmark is a very particular country, with very particular people. Danes are one thing during the day and a completely different during the night. They are very open minded but somehow they are very closed hearted. Strangely enough they are the happiest people in the world and yet own the highest suicide rates too; they are just full of incongruence. Yet I loved everything about it. The smell of the streets, the landscape in the countryside, the sense of freedom while bike riding through the city, the pleasing view of the second most beautiful women in the world, the sweet taste of Carlsberg beer and pork cooked in the beautiful parks around the city center, the in-contrast space of Christiania and their peace lovers inhabitants whose music pleased me while enjoying a one timer and staring at the sunset above the lake just behind the hills. Denmark like Spain, marks.

It was time to leave, it was time to put the final dot in a yearlong sentence that started in a sunny fall in Plaza del Sol and ended up with a teardrop in Kogens Traevej. I was coming back home yet it felt like I was leaving.

Saying goodbye to Theo wasn’t easy, after all he became my best friend, we had shared so many memories together. I was glad I met that guy. There are so many stories to tell, and some many moments to remember. It’s Friiiiiiiiidayyyyyyy!!!

After 14 hours of flying, and 13 and half of crying I was back in Santo Domingo. It looked the same, dark and scary during the night, light and still scary during the day. Seeing my mom for the first time in a year was the only good thing that happened to my during the next 6 months. It wasn’t easy to adapt back from my new lifestyle.

Marion and I kept in contact as we promised; we video chatted every day for the next 3 months. But after a while, it was getting harder and harder talking to her. It was not a healthy thing what we were doing. I wasn’t a relationship kind of guy and much less believe in long distance relationships. I told her that we must stop talking to each other for a while; she didn’t like the idea and told me it was unfair. I said it was necessary. After a few days, I wanted to talk to her. I kind of missed talking to her every day, so I told her to forget what I said.

By christmas we spoke with less frequency, she was mostly busy with her work and the time difference made it difficult. I also sensed that her interest in me had decreased. We stop talking at all. Everything came to pieces when she told me she was getting vacations but wasn’t planning on coming over. I saw on her facebook page she went to Portugal and Sweden instead. It felt like a stab in the heart.

To this day, I don’t know about her. From time to time I write her a private message on facebook and she replies days later, saying she misses talking to me and that we should skype but it never happens. She is definitely over me, I’m over her but not over the fact that she is over me.

It is May now and I was right. I will never see her again.

The end.

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